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Midland's Templeton Windows: See the Difference in Our Windows

For over 20 years, Templeton Windows Inc. has been installing beautiful and efficient windows in homes and offices from Midland to North Simcoe to Collingwood. In addition to our wide selection of quality windows and doors, we employ a professional, friendly staff to meet all your needs. We are proud to carry an extensive line of windows and doors that were exclusively manufactured in Canada. Whether you need installation or service we can help you get what you need! Give us a call to learn more.

Window Replacement

How do you tell when it’s time to replace your windows? Obvious signs are fogging windows or rotting wood, windows that won’t open or you feeling uncommon drafts near the windows. Deciding to replace your windows can come with many benefits like saving money and having less of an effect on the environment by installing energy-efficient windows. Another plus of new windows is easier maintenance. New windows are often made of newer, cleaner materials that relieve window cleaning of the hassle it once was. To learn more about the benefits of installing new windows, contact our offices today.



Windows are your eye on the world. Selecting a window that allows in a lot of light and fresh air but also conserves energy, holds in heat and air conditioning is a very important decision.



At Templeton Windows Inc., we also have a variety of doors that offer safety, security and style for homes in North Simcoe and surrounding.



If you really want to make an impression on anyone who comes to your door, choosing delicately-engraved glass, (a doorlite) for your front door is a great choice.